There is nothing more American than games of chance

By: Jack Winston

On this July 4, the greatest of American holidays, we can’t help but stop to think about a simple truth that has great implications for marketers – Americans love a chance to win. Winning at what? Doesn’t matter.

Scientific Games, a leading provider of technology and services for the lottery industry, states that 2009 instant ticket and online lottery sales in the US totaled $52.6B. Click here for some great statistics on worldwide lotteries. States and charitable institutions have leveraged America’s love for games of chance in raising huge sums with games like Keno, Bingo, scratch tickets, the track, slots, video poker, etc…. It should be noted that this is not just a US phenomenon – our formerly-tyrannical cousins share a similar love for games of chance (see stats on UK lottery) and lotteries are active in over 100 countries around the world.

Knowing of America’s love for a good game of chance, brand marketers have used sweepstakes as a promotional tool for decades. In a prior post, we have discussed the effectiveness of sweepstakes and similar contests in designing valuable incentives while controlling costs. With the growth of social media, location based technologies, and smart phones, major brands are designing some really exciting variants of traditional sweepstakes. Starwood Hotels designed a program where guests checking in on Foursquare qualify for a daily drawing for a free nights stay at any resort. In June, 7-Eleven stores announced a program where customers checking-in win a trip to visit the international space station.

Revere's ride and Bozuko Rollout

These types of promotions are a perfect combination of high-incentive-value prizes with the social-location-mobile technologies that make participation easy and create unique opportunities for companies to create lasting engagement with their customers. Wouldn’t it be really great if there was a platform that simplified all of the technology, the sweepstakes laws, and control of the promotion to the point that any business – no matter how small – could take advantage of these kinds of marketing tools? Hmmm……

Being from the Boston area, we here at Bozuko have a keen appreciation for American history. The signing of the Declaration of Independence set off a series of events that included Paul Revere’s famous ride warning, “The British are coming!” It is fitting that Bozuko is planning its roll-out along a similar path through the greater Boston area.

Bozuko is coming!  Bozuko is coming!  Happy Independence Day from Bozuko.

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    That is an excellent piece of work my friend.  I look forward to the Bozuko roll-out!