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How to create more targeted promotions with location-gated sweepstakes

By: Jack Winston

In our last blog post, we discussed the structure of the tried and trusted sweepstakes promotion.  In particular, we covered the different options for “gating” your sweepstakes promotion in order to better target a specific group of customers. One of the challenges that all promotional marketing must deal with is how to focus incentives on […]

Checking out who is checking in on location based social networks

By: Jack Winston

In our last post, we explored the reasons real world marketers have embraced social media and location based services for their real world businesses.  Maybe the more important question is why do, or why should, or why will consumers “check-in” or “Like” or engage with businesses while on location?  There have been several interesting surveys […]

Social Media Marketing for the Real World

By: Jack Winston

Applying digital marketing in the real world is a bit trickier than it is in the virtual B2C or B2B worlds. Real world marketers – that is, marketers who are building brands and generating demand for products and services sold in real world locations – have traditionally placed more emphasis on traditional advertising and push […]