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New Data: More than 45% of your customers’ Facebook friends live within shopping distance of your business.

By: Jack Winston

Bozuko is a tool that lets marketers and business owners quickly launch location-aware, facebook-integrated promotions. One of the benefits of a facebook-integrated promotion is the word-of-mouth advertising a business gets when a customer publishes Likes, check-ins, comments, or similar posts to their wall for all their friends to see. As we have spoken to location-based […]

How mobile, social, and LBS technologies are transforming sweepstakes promotions.

By: Jack Winston
Sweepstakes - Google Search

The “Sweepstakes” marketing promotion has evolved over the past few decades to become a very popular tool for a range of consumer product categories, retail and service businesses, quick service food establishments, magazine publishing, and even in some B2B applications.   If you are not an active sweeper and are not aware of the popularity of […]

What happened to checking in on Facebook?

By: Jack Winston

So, I was in the middle of pulling together a blog post this past week on the future of location check-ins when Facebook delivers the news that they are dropping their version of check-ins in their new version of their mobile app for smartphones.  After almost exactly one year since announcing Places, Facebook announcing they […]

What role should email play for the brick and mortar business?

By: Jack Winston

Email (along with a business website) forms the cornerstone of most real world, brick and mortar business’ digital marketing strategies. Unfortunately, businesses often use email marketing in a way that is counterproductive. General email volumes are up. People’s attention spans and free time are down. Most consumers have learned to screen out email based on […]

Why Facebook “Likes“ and other social endorsements are important to the location based business

By: Jack Winston

The infographic below does a nice job of simplifying the steps to establishing a web presence for a location based business.  Pretty simple – right? Mike Blumenthal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at Well, not really.  The fact is, trying to maximize the marketing value […]