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Connecting with customers with QR code campaigns that stand out

By: Jack Winston

Marketers are embracing QR codes as a technique to connect offline customers to online marketing campaigns.   By scanning a 2D barcode with your smartphone using an app like Quickmark or Scanlinfe, your phone’s browser is redirected to a web page url encoded in the QR code.  While QR codes have been around for almost 20 […]

How to create more targeted promotions with location-gated sweepstakes

By: Jack Winston

In our last blog post, we discussed the structure of the tried and trusted sweepstakes promotion.  In particular, we covered the different options for “gating” your sweepstakes promotion in order to better target a specific group of customers. One of the challenges that all promotional marketing must deal with is how to focus incentives on […]

How mobile, social, and LBS technologies are transforming sweepstakes promotions.

By: Jack Winston
Sweepstakes - Google Search

The “Sweepstakes” marketing promotion has evolved over the past few decades to become a very popular tool for a range of consumer product categories, retail and service businesses, quick service food establishments, magazine publishing, and even in some B2B applications.   If you are not an active sweeper and are not aware of the popularity of […]

There is nothing more American than games of chance

By: Jack Winston
Revere's ride and Bozuko Rollout

On this July 4, the greatest of American holidays, we can’t help but stop to think about a simple truth that has great implications for marketers – Americans love a chance to win. Winning at what? Doesn’t matter. Scientific Games, a leading provider of technology and services for the lottery industry, states that 2009 instant […]